Mar Cardarso’s specific interest in traditional artisanal leather techniques together with her need to create and innovate resulted in the founding of her own firm and led her to develop research projects funded by the Alava Regional Government on different leather techniques such as Dyes on vegetable-tanned leather, Leather rigidity by immersion, Modelling high quality sand-baked cowhide leather, The art of treating leather in fusion with binding, etc...


The oriental inspirations of some of Mar Cardarso’s items encouraged her to participate in the Orocop project, which was promoted by the EU to create entrepreneurial links with Japan. She also habitually collaborates with Spanish companies in the fields of interior design and fashion and works with different organisations to prepare pieces such as honour rolls or institutional and corporate gifts for protocolary uses.


In addition to research, Cardarso’s professional career has encompassed courses, publications, competitions, exhibitions, awards and lectures. This background consolidates and strengthens her professionalism, which is constantly updated and in on-going contact with others in the field.


During her long career, Mar Cardarso has never forgotten the objectives that drove her to create this project: to offer high quality items that are within reach of the general public without losing their exclusive character. In this same spirit, she sets a premium on personalised customer service so as to cater to individual needs.